Ukraine Response

AMURT works with AMURT  &  AMURTEL  chapters throughout Europe for the Ukrainian humanitarian response that offers basic necessities and psycho-social support to the neediest.

AMURT US works with AMURT UK in providing cash support for a network of people within Ukraine. Funds are distributed through phone apps to community coordinators, who then provide whatever food and medicine are needed for others in their buildings or immediate neighbourhoods and centers for internally displaced people. AMURTEL provide Psychological First Aid training to front-line professionals and volunteers in Ukraine.

In Romania AMURTEL partnered with the Norwegian Refugee Council to provide site management and support to refugees wherever they live. On the northern border of Romania to Ukraine AMURTEL established a coordination website for the civil society response:

AMURTEL also supported a local civic society logistics operation called Help Ukraine Romania which is a logistic hub in northern Romania. From April to October 2022 they sent 5-7 trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine every day.

In Western Europe, AMURT is supporting Ukrainian refugees with accommodation in Poland, Italy and other countries of their choice.

Donations for the Ukraine Crisis can be made here.

AMURT Ukraine
AMURT Ukraine volunteers distribute cooked food in the metro that functions as a shelter.


AMURT Volunteers prepare collective meals in a center for internally displaced people in Ukraine


AMURT distribute food at a center for internally displaced people in Ukraine


An emergency psychologist from AMURTEL guides children and volunteers in an art therapy session for refugees near the Ukrainian border in Romania


AMURT supports NGOs and civil society interventions at the Siret border in Romania.


AMURT is hosting Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Italy and other European countries.
Refugees children and their families are have been housed in rural communities in Poland where AMURT support the children to go to local Polish schools.
Ukrainian refugees hosted in Italy help the civil defence pack food boxes for delivery to Ukraine.


AMURTEL supports HELP UKRAINE ROMANIA which is a logistic hub in Siret (northern Romania). They send 5-7 trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine every day. They also operate a distribution hub in Chernivtsi in Ukraine.