Teacher Training and Temporary Learning Centers in Nepal

  • AMURT does teacher training in Nepal to assist public school teachers to welcome back students that had been out of school since the earthquakes. The training consist of four days with two days reserved for theory and exercises and two days of practical coaching with the students back in school.  The training draws on multiple resources such as creative therapies, yoga and group therapies. As most schools were damaged or destroyed AMURT builds Temporary Learning Centers that starts with the students decorating their classrooms. (click on photos to enlarge).

    AMURT & AMURTEL have been active on the Indian sub-continent since 1970, and therefore have a strong presence in the region. Hence AMURT teams were able to mobilize quickly, with three teams from India joining their counterparts in Nepal to set up relief camps in nine earthquake-affected districts.

    AMURT & AMURTEL volunteers provide basic supplies, such as essential groceries, tarpaulins and blankets, along with medical support through mobile clinics. In the first month after the earthquakes AMURT & AMURTEL has distributed food parcels to 15,300 persons, tarpaulins to 2,088 persons and 7,500 people have been treated by our medical volunteers.

    The Nepali Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed a total of 488,789 houses destroyed and 267,477 damaged during the two earthquake period of April and May 2015. The death toll stand at 8,219 people and half a million buildings damaged or destroyed. In the most affected districts up to 80 % of the public schools are damaged or destroyed leaving most children out of school.. United Nations estimate 3 million people are in need of food aid.

    Normalcy is essential for children who survived an earthquake. To deny them access to education and psycho-social support would disadvantage them for the rest of their life. In order to re-establish a resemblance of normal life and enable children to return to school, AMURT has taken up a recovery program that seeks to continue the initial disaster relief by offering support to school children, their schools and teachers.

    Please continue to extend your generosity to people facing the shock of a life overturned by the potent forces of nature.



    Teachers Training for how to recover from Trauma after Warthquake Organised by Amurt Nepal at Mandali Higher Secondary School, Chhoprak , Gorkha Nepal. Photo : Uma Bista
    Teachers training on how to recover from trauma through creative therapies. Photo: Uma Bista
    Through collective sharing and visions teachers are united in creating a positive return of the students to the public schools. Photo: Uma Bista
    Once back, the students themselves get to decorate their new Temporary Learning Space
    Temporary Learning Centers are build from local materials and joyfully decorated by the students themselves.
    Students in grade 5 or lower receive a nutritious vegetarian meal as part of the program.
    Students in grade 5 or lower receive a nutritious vegetarian meal as part of the program.
    metal sheets
    Distribution of metal sheets for shelter
    Free medical camps in remote villages
    Tarp distribution in hard to reach villages of Sindhupalchok.
    Nepalis in remote villages receive food parcels.
Thousands of schools have been damaged or destroyed.