Mother & Baby care for refugees in Greece

  • After a year working in the refugee camps, Amurtel Greece shifted venues in October, 2016 and opened a Mother-Baby Center in the migrant area of downtown Athens. That was eight months ago and the center is thriving. The number of women coming has more than tripled since we first opened. Our midwives and lactation consultants see up to 15 women/day, giving them each from half an hour to an hour for their care. Our woman based center makes every effort not to rush women through exams or consultations, giving them the chance to talk, express, ask questions and basically to feel safe and cared for. The midwives arrange group sessions both in our center and in the premises of other NGO’s to help women understand things such as reproductive health and contraception, the pros and cons of breastfeeding and formula feeding, and how to prepare for giving birth in a Greek hospital.

    Our distribution team works hard at getting donations of diapers, supplemental food for pregnant and lactating mothers, clothes and hygiene items for infants up to one year, baby carriers and other assorted items all mums and babies need. Our outreach teams visit moms and infants in the squats, hotels, and apartments that house over 6000 refugees in the Athens area. And we sometimes make visits to hospitals as well when women and infants we know are hospitalized and need support.

    Amurtel Greece is funded totally by private donations and is appreciative of any help, no matter how big or small.

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  • Midwife scanning a pregnant Syrian woman
    AMURTEL staff member fitting an African mother and her baby with a baby carrier
    Afghan mother with her baby who was hospitalized for malnutrition

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