AMURT team supports Cyclone Idai survivors in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai crashed into Mozambique on March 14, causing catastrophic flooding which has killed more than 500 people in the country and affected over 1 million survivors. For the past week, an AMURT team has been working in partnership with the Maputo Rizwan Adatia Foundation from Maputo in distributing food and hygiene kits to some of the 90,000 Mozambicans who have taken refuge in temporary shelters. In the past few days, AMURT volunteers have focused on Beira, assisting cyclone victims housed in schools and hospitals. We will provide news updates as the situation develops.

  • Cyclone Idai has destroyed the city of Beira in Mozambique, where it made landfall. Credit: Denis Onyodi/IFRC via ZUMA Wire


  • AMURT volunteers offload relief goods in Beira. Credit: AMURT Mozambique


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