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Photos of Bathore

Bathore is perhaps the poorest section of Tirana. A task force of 8 NGOs is now working with the community to develop the area. There are plans for improvements in the medical, educational, social and economic conditions of the area. Work has already begun.

1000 people live in cattle sheds.


This woman is standing in sewage water.  There is no sewage system in this settlement.



The water from wells is not clean and is contaminated by sewage run-off.


This yellow container is the medical centre. It has no electricity and running water and hardly any equipment. The doctor (centre) speaks with representatives from the NGO task force which is working to improve conditions in Bathore.


Members of the community meet with NGOs to plan a comprehensive program to improve conditions in Bathore


The children of Bathore hope that the future will be bright.

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