Disaster Relief, Development and Community Service


How you can support our work

Albania is one of the poorest countries of Europe and your contribution can make a difference.


It costs only $6.00 per month to provide a place in our kindergarten for one child. This small "investment" in the future of Albania is one of the greatest services anyone can offer. You can make a donation, supporting one child for one year ($72) by bank transfer or by a secure online credit card payment.
Similarly a typical loan in our micro credit program is around $280.

We invite you to join us in the work of building a healthy, human society in Albania  We accept  monetary donations as well as in-kind donations (school equipment, toys, etc). Donations may be earmarked (for kindergarten or micro-credit) or for general purpose use.

Below are details of our bank for monetary donations.  If you have any questions about how you can contribute to our projects. Please contact us by e-mail: amurt.al@amurt.net

Send bank transfers to:

Account name: AMURT Albania
American Bank of Albania
Rr. Ismail Qemali 27
P.O. Box 3818
Account # 1004031801


List of correspondent banks for remittances in US$

  1. Chase Manhattan, NY, Acct. # 400921545
  2. American Express, NY, Acct. # 737312
  3. CitiBank NA Acct. 36143257
  4. Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt, Acct. # 400870419900

AMURT (Albania), P.O. Box 1706, Tirana, Albania
Tel: (355) 42 26825, fax: (355) 42 74691, mobile: 038 2029527

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