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The "Sunrise Kindergarten" brings  smiles to Bathore
There is a shortage of kindergartens in the Albanian locality of Bathore as one government school serves a population of 25,000. Many kindergarten aged children do not attend any educational program. At the request of local residents AMURT opened a kindergarten serving 40 children in October, 2000. In January 2001, enrollment was increased to 80. Teacher and students pose for photo at the kindergarten in Bathore.
The KG  opened in a rented room in one of the cattle-shed residences. In January 2001 we added another room to the facility. On the right is a photo of the new room.

A new addition to the kindergarten allowed 40 more students to attend classes.
The teachers are trained educators and follow a curriculum that meets and exceeds the standards set by the Albanian Ministry of Education. Graduates of of the kindergarten are now performing exceptionally well in the Bathore Primary school.


The teacher shows the children how to write numbers and letters.
On Special days (International Children's Day, International Teacher's Day, New Year's Day, etc) festivals are held at the KG. Children perform songs, dance and recite poetry. Festival days include performances of songs and dance and the recital of poetry.
Native English speakers provide special instruction in English songs. The children learned several songs last year as well as the beginning vocabulary for future study.  The children learn English songs and the beginning vocabulary of English.

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