Agroecology in Burkina Faso

AMURT’s center is situated just at the edge of the artificial lake of Bissiri, deep in the country side of Burkina Faso, 45 kilometers south of the capital, Ouagadougou.  The land was donated by the people of the community, who hope it will spur development and help provide the basic necessities of life.

The AMURT Center in Bissiri

Activities at the Center

Much of the land is used for farming mangos and papaya, and an irrigation system will soon be installed to keep income generation steady through the dry season.  Organic gardens are also being created, a revolution for the area’s farmers.  Seven bee hives have been established for harvesting honey and to provide another example of a low budget way to generate income.  Fifteen students contribute about $2 per month for literacy classes (more than 80% of the region’s inhabitants are illiterate).  January 2011 will mark the commencement of a new initiative with partners Daniel Dinakar Isner and Amandla Awethu to utilize the Moringa tree, a source of nutritious leaves and oils, and a chance to create a new industry for its farmers.

The Clinic

Our clinic in Bissiri center recently opened. We have one qualified nurse and will soon get a second one as the number of patients increases. It is a small dispensary but the area is big and a population of over 5,000 people benefits greatly from it. Basically a charitable activity, fees are extremely low and at times medicines are given free to the most needy. We wish to use more alternative medicines, to do health promotion and outreach services in the community.