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  • Schoolchildren

    Romania – Youth and Childrens Progams

    The training has two programs. In “Transitional Living Program” the youths receive housing, motivational counseling, and life skills and career training. In a subsequent “Independent Living Program” outside the Center, they learn the real independent life in an apartment, holding a job, paying rent, and taking care of other related life matters by themselves.

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  • Haiti Environment Reforestation

    Haiti – Cash for Work and a Green Future

    Paul Ziade is AMURT’s Rural Programs Coordinator, and runs the Cash-for-Work (CFW) program. Initiated by AMURT and joint-funded by the UN’s Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, it is primarily a response to economic desperation exacerbated by the influx of displaced persons into two of Haiti’s most impoverished communes.

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  • Indonesia Earthquake Relief Children

    Indonesia – Padang Earthquake Response 2009 – 2011

    AMURT & AMURTEL sent an emergency response team to Padang, Indonesia immediately after the earthquake in West Sumatra on 30 September 2009. After the initial emergency response period, AMURTEL identified a need for Early Childhood Development (ECD).

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