Implementing Partners

The partners’ names (in alphabetic order) are linked to their website.

Abha Light (Kenya) Abha Light foundation (ALF) sets out to create a permanent infrastructure for the establishment of complementary and alternative medicine in Kenya; advocates for the full recognition of alternative medicine; and works towards educating traditional healers in modern sciences.

Abha Seva Sadan (India) The Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Charitable Health Centre (ASSMCH) was started to provide quality health care and health education. Its main features include holistic health care for the poor, grassroots work in villages and training local health care workers.

Baan Dada (Thailand) Baan Dada children’s home and community services is a long-term partner of AMURT in Thailand. It started as a boys’ home in Huay Ma Lai village, Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi province in 1994, in an effort to protect the growing number of disadvantaged children in the area.

Baan Unrak (Thailand) Baan Unrak is a children’s project in North West Thailand. Most of the 153 children living in the project are disadvantaged refugees from Myanmar. Baan Unrak also manages a kindergarten and primary school, a weaving cottage industry, an alternative clinic and is involved in various other community-based outreach programs.

Baba’s Foundation (Philippines) BFI is the oldest AMURT partner in the Philippines. It  is a leader in the micro-finance field and known for its innovative techniques that appeal to the real needs of the poor. Social services such as children’s advocacy, gender awareness, waste management and marketing linkages workshops still occupy 30% of BFI’s programs.

Centro Madre (Venezuela) Centro Madre seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives in Barlovento, Mirendra, Venezuela. Through personal and community transformation they stimulate self-sufficiency and empower the local population through community development projects.

Lotus Child (Mongolia) The Lotus Children’s Centre is a Mongolian non-profit, non-government organization working with vulnerable children and families to provide the basic human rights of shelter, food and education. We care for up to 150 abused, orphaned and abandoned children.

POOR (India) P.O.O.R. is a small NGO working in India to address some of the problems faced by the rural poor. P.O.O.R is currently working to improve existing infrastructures of several schools with attached orphanages in North and West Bengal, Meghalaya, Jharkhand, and Tamil Nadu.

Rurapuk (Peru) In Quechua, the language of the ancient Incas, Rurapuk means “people who help each other”. The Rurapuk project in Peru has three programs – The Rurapuk Hot Lunch Program, Rurapuk Mothers and the Machu Picchu Stars.

Major Partners since 2000

KNH KNH Kindernothilfe Germany
CIDA CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
USAID United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
World Food Program
Japan Japan, government of
Kenya Kenya, government of
Global Fund Kenya Global Fund Kenya
UNICEF UNICEF The United Nations Children’s Fund
norad Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

Other Partners

In alphabetic order
logorougevertbleu Aille Universelle, France
AJWS AJWS American Jewish World Service
CRS Catholic Relief Services
dissigno Dessigno
faologo FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FHI Family Health International
fokus Forum for Women and Development, Norway
fea Foundation Emanuele Antola
GTZ GTZ German Technical Cooperation
IFRC IFRC International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies
IOM IOM International Organization for Migration
JIS JIS Cares / Peduli Jakarta International School
Lichtenstein Lichtenstein, Principality of
Lufthansa LUFTHANSA Helpalliance
North Carolina Department Of Corrections
Pathfinder Pathfinder International
POHD Penang Office for Humanitarian Development, Malaysia
Romania Romania, government of
rotary Rotary USA
STC Save the Children
CRE Spanish Red Cross
The Sun THE SUN Media Corporation, Malaysia
WS Waisenkinderhilfe e.V. Sparkassenstiftung

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