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Micro-Credit in Bathore

Micro-credit is a becoming an important option in the worldwide battle against poverty. 

In AMURT's program in Bathore small loans, ranging from $70 to $700, are given to people running businesses.  The borrowers apply in groups of three to five businesses. All the members of a group guarantee each other--that is, if one of the members of a group cannot make a payment, then the other members of the group are responsible to make up the missing amount.  Payment is made on a weekly basis and loans last up to six months.

AMURT is working in partnership with Partneri Shqiptar ne Mikrokredi (PSHM). PSHM is an initiative of Opportunity International and USAID. In Bathore PSHM administers the loan repayments.  So far AMURT has made credit available to more than 30 businesses and the repayment has been excellent.  Recipients of the loans have been able to buy new equipment, increase their inventory of goods and build or improve their premises. 

We would like to expand the program further so that more small businesses can take part. If you would like to help us by making a donation please click here.

Below are photos of people who have received loans from AMURT:

Seven women carpet weavers have received loans. They make traditional carpets and also make mats, bags and other items. They hope to sell some of  these items to a foreign market.


Barije Dreni (left) supports a large family with her food stand. Her loan from AMURT will enable her to improve the stand and eventually move it to an indoor location.


Perparim Hoxha is a young shoe maker. He recently received a loan enabling him to buy more equipment for his shoe making business.

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