International banking

If you want to send funds via a bank and do not live in the US or if you wish to send money directly to an overseas project visit our Contact page and get more information from the websites of our international chapters.

Tax exemption

Donations to AMURT are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law in certain countries.
In USA AMURT is a 501(c)3 organization with the Federal TAX ID number 23-7164834.
If you wish to make a donation by bank wire transfer to the USA,
please contact our Rockville office on the address above.


By check   Online
2502 Lindley Terrace
Rockville MD 20850, USA


Phone: +1 301 738 7122
Fax: +1301 738 7123


To make a donation safely online CLICK HERE

To make a regular contribution simply choose that option at the end of the donation routine.

Gifts from the heart

Gifts that Change Lives

This gift program enables you to share your holiday gifts with other less fortunate people around the world, to make a permanent difference in their lives. It is a great way to remember others in our larger human family.

Take a look through our catalogue and find a gift that you would like to share. The gifts are small parts of our projects, including items such as maternity kits for village midwives in Burkina Faso, small business loans for women in the Philippines, and fruit trees for farmers in Haiti.

You can designate the recipient and add your personal greetings if you like. For each gift we will send an attractive card to that person, informing him or her of your kind gesture along with your greeting.

Visit the gift store